Ladies' Fitness Center of Pittsboro, LLC

81 Hillsboro Street, Pittsboro NC 27312     (919)545-0099  (919)895-0671 

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, all classes are outdoors and recorded Live on Facebook on our private LFC Virtual Fitness page. All current LFC members have access to this page, and anyone is welcome to join us with a $40/month fee. All classes are saved on this page, so you have access to all of your favorite workouts at any time. 

Basic schedule for outdoor and live workouts. (Class duration in parentheses)

Monday: 8am Full Body Shred (60)

Tuesday: 8:00am Cardio Burst (30)

               8:30am Mat Pilates (40-45)

               5pm Bodyweight HIIT (30)

Wed: 8:00am Full Body Shred (60)

Thursday: 8:00 HIIT (30)

                 8:30am BootyWork (30)

                5pm CardioBox (30)

Friday: 8:00am CardioCore (60)

Saturday: 8:30am (60)

All changes to basic schedule are posted on our LFC Virtual Fitness page. Please stay healthy and active and join us!